DIY Boho Hacks You Can Do At Home With Kmart & Bunnings Materials!

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Are you stuck at home right now… ? The most likely answer is yes! We have done the hard work for you and put together a list of the best Boho hacks you can do at home during quarantine. From new homes for your indoor plants, new uses for a ladder and the coolest cushions you’ve seen this season; we’ve covered it all! Every one of the materials needed for each DIY can be ordered online and delivered to your door from Bunnings or Kmart (social distancing right…?).


What you’ll need: Planter Stands from Kmart! These two are currently available from for $6 and $3! Jute twine, you can order this online from – for only $3 we suggest buying 2 or 3. Hopefully you have scissors and hot glue lying around the house, but if you don’t Kmart’s got you covered.

Video owned by Ashlee White

Step 1. Place a small amount of hot glue onto the base of the stand near one of legs, press the end of twine into the glue until dried.

Step 2. Wrap twine all the way up the leg, continue to wrap each section until the whole stand is covered. Add spots of hot glue if you feel like the twine is becoming too lose.

Step 3. Once the whole stand is covered its time to add the macrame hanging sections. Cut out multiple 90cm lengths of twine and loop them in the area you want to make a statement. From here you will need to do a certain knot – this is demonstrated in the video linked above.

Step 4. Once you have finished your macrame knots, tie the ends into sections and unravel the twine for a fuller effect.

Repeat all steps on as many planters as you desire. You can use any colour twine in all different thicknesses. Place a pot into the planter with your favourite indoor plant and you are done! Such an easy DIY to bring some personality into any room of your home.

DIY Ladder Hack & Styling

Everyone loves macrame hanging pots – and too often do we run out of actual hanging space for them! This hack will turn a $25 Kmart Bamboo Bathroom Ladder into a boho, stylish planter. You will need ofcourse the ladder $25, jute string $3 (you’ll need 4-5) and tea light holders / small vases – we liked these ones $5.50 from Kmart. If you have indoor plants these can also go into the hangers.

Video owned by Ashlee White

Step 1. First off you will need to make some chalk paint – you can definitely buy this from bunnings but if you have spare white paint haning around in the shed now is the time to use it! Mix 1 cup of white paint, 2 tbsp plaster paris and 2 tbsp of water together. This gives you a super opague paint thats perfect for covering the bamboo ladder – lay the ladder outside or ontop of a sheep and give it as many coats as needed.

Step 2. Start your macrame hangers! The video above shows these steps very clearly and straight forward. Depending on the look you are going for, will decide how many hangers you make.

Step 3. Tie your hangers onto the ladder then add the tealight holders & plants! Place the ladder leaning up against the wall to create a statement in the area.

DIY Chunky Tassel Blanket Hack

This is the perfect project to do as we come into Winter and will keep you cosy on the couch! You will need a knitted cotton blanket, cotton yarn, scissors, a piece of cardboard and a thick needle. You can use any blanket and any colour scheme! We like this blanket $15 from Kmart with this yarn $3 (you will need 2/3)- a nice monochrome style.

Video owned by Ashlee White

Step 1. Make your tassles! This is super easy to do and you’ll wish you were making tassles your whole life – Follow along step by step with the video above. Keep going until you make your desired amount, one on each corner and one on the middle of each side is a good place to start.

Step 2. Thread the cotton yarn through the needle and stitch onto the blanket until secured. Tie off the thread through the center of the tassel – again, the video shows this.

Step 3. Continue this step until all of your tassels are attached and viola, you’re done! A lush and cost throw that cost you less than $25!

Jute Cushion Hack

This could be the most genious Kmart hack we have ever seen.. Kmart recently released a Jute Woven Placemat for $3… yes only $3! You will need two placemats per cushion, jute string $3 (you will need 3/4), a thick needle and pillow stuffing/old pillow insert. You should have scissors, hot glue and scrap cardboard around the house too!

Video owned by Ashlee White

Step 1. Make your tassles with the Jute String. This is where your carboard comes in, cut a 12cm length and wrap the string! The video above will show you the step by step way to make your tassel. You will need to make one for each corner of your cushion.

Step 2. Stitch the long sides together with Jute String and fill with pillow stuffing.

Step 3. using a hot glue gun, secure a tassel onto each corner – you can decide how long you want these to be. Once attached you can go ahead and hot glue the two short sides together…. And that’s it! You now have two luxxe cushions.

So there you have it, three awesome DIY hacks you can do without having to leave the house. All of these wonderful ideas were found on Ashlee Whites Youtube Channel – you can click here to see all of her incredible tutorials. If you try one of these projects let us know how it went and send in a photo! While you are deciding wether or not the boho style matches your home- visit our Style It Studio page and create a moodboard, this will help you decide on you style.

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