Thinking of building your first home…but don’t know where to start?

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Thinking about building your new home? But don’t know where to start? With so much information thrown at us every day over social media and the news it can be daunting trying to navigate the world of property and real estate. We’ve spoken with our General Manager Mike to give you a clear, easy to understand starting point.

There are 3 parts to making the right decision when building your first home. The are all equally important, and with the right guidance will lead to an exciting and fun experience. It is also important to know that these parts don’t have to be done in any particular order.


For some people great comfort comes from having an initial meeting with a finance broker to asses your situation before “shopping” in detail. There’s something quite special about choosing your own home and watching it come to life… while it’s loads of fun scanning through inspiration photos on Pinterest, it’s so much more fulfilling when you’re doing it for real in the home you’re going to be living in.

Our biggest suggestion here is to engage with a broker who has been referred to you by someone who has had experience dealing with them. This will assist in making this part of the process less daunting.


The best way to attack this is to really think about how “you” live. What are your needs? How many people will be living in the home? Do you prefer the master bedroom at the front or the back? Kitchen near the laundry? This is really the fun part and you need to make sure the home is right for YOU. not just the home that you are being ‘steered’ towards, whether that be by friends & family, or even your sales consultant.

Ava Two Story Design


Finding the right balance between land size and location is the key here. In short, the closer you are to the city, the more land costs. The further out in the suburbs, the more land you will get for your money. Seek some advice here to find out the different options you have to control your budget while still getting what you want.

Think about what you need around your home? Schools? Universities? Do you want to be able to walk to your favourite cafe and only have a quick drive to the local shopping centre? If you can create yourself a list of what is important to you – It will help narrow down your search area for a block of land.

Brisbane Suburbs Map


At OJ Pippin Homes we have specialists on staff that have experiences in all aspects of creating solutions to all of your first home needs. Our team of New home Consultants are an approachable and enthusiastic group of people who are genuinely passionate about helping you build your dream home. We have access to House & Land packages all over Brisbane so there is sure to be an option to create your dream home. A very rare facility that we offer makes sure that we can build your dream home; our ‘customizing’ service. At absolutely NO extra cost we will start with a blank page and will take the time to understand your priorities, your style and your budget, and then our Design & Drafting Manager will work with you to create the perfect design solution.


How much money do I need for a deposit? A good base to start from is having at least $15,000 in savings– If you’ve got more than this then that’s even better 😉 If you’re looking to build and you’re a first home buyer then when you add the $15 000 from the QLD Government Great Start Building Grant you’ve now got $30,000 in total which is a good foundation to start. Aim to have at least 5% saved as a deposit – Some banks will give you a home loan if you have a minimum of 5% of the purchase price saved (if the home you want to buy is $500,000, a 5% deposit is $25,000). Now a bigger deposit can be better as it increases your lending options. More info @ Blackk

How long does it take to build a house? The easiest way to answer this question is to break it down into two (2) parts. The first being ‘Deposit to Start’- so this is everything in between paying your initial deposit to when the actual building of your home starts. This takes between 8-10 weeks. the second part is the onsite build, which can take 14-16 weeks. Every build is different and we suggest contacting our New Home Consultants for a more in depth answer, you can call us on 07 3889 7775

Who looks after us and keeps us updated during the whole process? Being a family owned and operated builder we strongly believe in being with you throughout the whole process from start to finish. Our whole team is available to answer your questions, or walk through any concerns you might have and make sure that your mind is at ease. To break it down the team available to you will look like this!

  • YOUR NEW HOME CONSULTANT – with extensive knowledge in new home builds, they specialises in the initial design and estimates of the build costs. Assisting in communicating your ideas and requirements to the rest of your building team.
  • YOUR DRAFTSPERSON – Works closely with you in creating your concept design and customising it to bring your dream to life. They will also attend every Head Office meeting with you to ensure consistency and resolve any complex issues.
  • YOUR PROJECT MANAGER – More than likely be your ‘go to guy or gal’ from here out, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of your new home and driving your project all the way to handover.
  • YOUR ESTIMATOR – Strives to provide you with fixed prices with no hidden extras and is always available to assist with keeping you on budget.
  • YOUR INTERIOR DESIGNER – Will guided you in selecting all the finishing touches for your new home. You can take comfort in knowing that your designer will take the time to ensure your new home is tailored to your individual needs and style.
  • YOUR SITE SUPERVISOR – Keeps in regular contact with you from the commencement of construction through to the handover of your new home. They are dedicated to ensuring sage and timely construction of your new home, utilising only our trusted trade base and quality contractors and suppliers.

STILL THINKING OF BUILDING YOUR NEW HOME? Message our New Home Consultants today –

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