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Colour Schedules

For ease of choosing colour schedules our colour consultants have designed standard exterior colour ranges which have been chosen to complement the facade, brick, roof, gutter, window, door and trim areas and set the tone of your property, and then you can pick one of our classic interior palates to offset the mood and look of your home’s living space.

We understand that the colour scheme of your home is vital to creating atmosphere, as well as being a reflection of your personality.   In the OJ Pippin Homes colour room you can design your own colour schedule choosing from a full selection of colour swatches and product variations.  Please contact our office and arrange an appointment with our colour consultant.  


Charcoal - External Colour


The Charcoal external façade colour schedule consists of Black, Grey and White colour palate.

Childers - External Colour


The Childers external colour schedule is a mixture of earth colour tones of beige and browns.

Dune - External Colour


Blending into nature, this colour schedule offers varied shades of Greyish brown and white

Earth - External Colour


Offering a palette of earthy tones of light and dark browns.

Slightly Woodlands - External Colours


A bold statement with dark and light earth tones throughout.

Cloudy - External Colours


The Cloudy offers a fresh, clean approach using shades of grey and whites.

Shale External Colour


Shale is an on-trend external colour palette showcasing varying tones of cool greys.


Country Chic - Internal Colours


Country Chic is a modern take on a classic style. Best described as contemporary farmhouse, this palette showcases a blend of whites and soft greys paired with classic textures. This palette offers simplicity with its neutral tones, warmth with the stunning large Dok Dove floor tiles and touches of character with a marble look benchtop and grey subway tile splashback. This modern take on a timeless classic will delight guests with it’s comfortable feel.

Bark - Internal Colours


Bark is a subtle yet stunning internal colour palette with beautiful earthy tones and textures. You will be instantly drawn to the natural look flooring and it’s driftwood like pattern making the space feel large and light, while the warmer tones of the cabinetry, carpet and stone benchtops create a warm and inviting home. Incorporate Moroccan tones in your styling to really create a wow factor with this beautiful palette!

Walnut - Internal Colours


Walnut is a bold internal colour scheme with hues of charcoal and rich walnut timber. This modern pallete is right on trend with deep contrasting tones

Blanc - Internal Colours


‘Blanc’ is an elegant take on the minimalist style. The crisp all white kitchen is paired with stunning feature marble tiled splashback for the ultimate wow factor. This feature tile is carried through to the bathrooms for a hotel spa like feel. The cool tones of the off-grey walls paired with the large white floor tiles make for the perfect versatile styling backdrop. ‘Blanc’ is modern, sophisticated and that little bit luxurious!

Alpine - Internal Colours


The Alpine colours offers a light, bright, airy feel throughout with white and brown tones

Sand - Internal colours


The Sand colours offers a light earthy feel throughout the internal floorplan.

Noosa - Internal Colours


The ‘Noosa’ colour palette is the perfect reflection of the Queensland lifestyle! The 500 x 500 warm toned main floor tiles create a large open space and really bring the outdoors in. The kitchen is simplistic yet beautiful with its earthy, beige tones paired with a contemporary subway tile splashback. Styling is made easy with this stunning versatile colour palette. ‘Noosa’ is made for relaxed Queensland living.

Smokey - Internal Colours


The Smokey Internal colours offer a light but moody feel throughout starting with the deep colouring of the floors along with the light cabinetry.

Leather - Internal Colours


The Leather colours offers a light, bright, airy feel using contrasting ivory with light and dark brown colours throughout.

The Beach House - Internal Colours


Introducing The Beach House – a coastal retreat inspired pallet showcasing stunning natural elements and versatile backdrops.

Luxe - Internal Colours


Luxe– a timeless take on aged textures paired with casual elegance.

Hampton - Internal Colours


Introducing The Hamptons – laid back yet luxurious. The demand for Hamptons styled homes in Brisbane is incredible due to its attractiveness to a broad range of buyers.

Industrial - Internal Colours


Industrial is the perfect combination of raw concrete textures paired with soft features.