OJ Pippin Homes is excited to announce that we now offer Finance services. Looking for a broker that you trust can be extremely difficult,  and finding a bank that you trust with your home loan is even more daunting! We have put in the hard work for you and welcome our in-house brokers who are available to meet with you anytime, anywhere.

There are three parts to making the right decision when building your home. Your budget, your design & where you want to live – we help people everyday create a beautiful design and find the best location; it was time to help people with their budget and offer Brisbane’s first finance service specialising in new homes! We have partnered with the team from Brokr. Home Loan Advisors, a father/son brokerage back by 30+ years of experience.

Your broker will help guide you through the home loan world with a transparent, easy to understand and friendly approach. They will know the ‘ins and outs’ of your build with OJ Pippin, guide you around the hurdles that lenders can throw at you and negotiate with the bank on your behalf for a better interest rate and features.

30 Years in the industry

Specialists in construction finance

Ability to work with your OJ Pippin Homes Consultant to maximise borrowing capacity and ensure a streamlined process

Service is 100% free to the customer, the banks pay the broker, not you

Access to over 35 lenders, ensuring the best fit for the client

Personalised service – you will get one broker throughout the entire building process

Tom Marsh

With over 5+ years experience in banking and IT Tom has a passion for lending and numbers (I know… crazy right!?). This passion drives his mission:

‘Helping as many humans save on their finance as possible.’

The finance industry is renowned for being dull & boring… something Marsh & Marsh is not. By utilizing the latest technology they ensure a seamless experience.

Mitch Nancarrow

Mitch works with the goal to make sure every customer he speaks to feels looked after.

Not to mention a passion for getting people in to their homes as easily, and quickly as he can.


James Marsh

James has more than 20+ years in the industry under his belt with stints in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Experienced & academically qualified to not just talk the talk but walk the walk.

Good communication is king! When we are all on the same page with clear, regular communication, all of the time, everyone is happy and processes go smoother.

We are working with the team at Brokr. Home Loan Advisors to bring you the best building Finance experience available in Brisbane.