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Apart from being a dependable and unique service that covers all your construction and interior needs, we offer some of the most innovative services in Brisbane. We are made up of a trusted team of professionals who work with you from financial advice through to the lock-up stage of your build.

Nothing satisfies us more than being able to take the opportunity to consider our client’s physical and emotional needs to create the modern living space that grows with you. We know firsthand how important it is to love where you live, which is why we get to know you and your needs, now and into the future.


It takes a specialised skill to develop home designs that are both functional and sophisticated, and that allow a balance of quiet spaces and those needed for entertaining. A lot of thought goes into each one of OJ Pippin’s builds, where careful consideration is applied to every facet – from the initial floor plan to carrying out the development.

The choice to undergo developing a new place of residence is a big decision; you are investing a lot of time and energy into the features that represent your individual style, and there’s a lot of decision-making that comes with that. With the help of our expert team, we advise of a range of possibilities to support distinct lifestyle differences, because we get it: not everyone is the same. This includes featuring options of floor layouts, offering several differences in the number of rooms for families small or large, and understanding what sophistication means to one person will look different from another.

We welcome you to discover all our stunning house designs in Brisbane, where we know you will find your dream place to live. To decide exactly what you are looking for, take advantage of filters that work within your parameters, including layout, bathrooms and budget.


FAQs About Home Designs in Brisbane

If you’re working with a limited budget, we recommend choosing a pre-designed house plan that suits your family’s needs. Further to that, a house and land package can help bring together the major expenses associated with home buying and construction into an affordable offer that suits your budget and needs. If you want to discuss where additional costs can add up during the home buying and building process so you know which features and considerations to look for, you can speak directly with the OJ Pippin team.

What makes good home design is entirely up to the home buyer—you! That said, there are some considerations that can influence the impact and effectiveness of good new home design, including environmentally considerate and sustainable features, vacant block and land choice and preparation, key resale value features such as decking, bathrooms, and kitchens, and more.

This will entirely depend on your plans for the house. If you inherited a house with major (and expensive) issues like the roof or foundation, it may be cheaper to demolish it and rebuild it. That said, renovations such as adding on small additions, decking, and interior room renovations are often a more budget-friendly way to design your dream home than buying new.

Absolutely, you can! Many homeowners have entered the Brisbane property market for less than $1 million and are now living in the home of their dreams. Some of the factors that will have a big impact on your budget will include your neighbourhood of choice, house size, and customisations. To keep the cost of your new home affordable, we recommend looking at up-and-coming neighbours, house and land packages, and pre-designed home plans.

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