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My Place

Turn your house into a smart home with the MyPlace Automation System.

Control your home from wherever you are with the MyPlace app and integrate with your smart devices such as Google Home, Amazon, Alexa and Siri. This system also includes the MyGarage function, MyGarage cures the nagging doubt about whether you closed the garage door. It sends a notification to your phone if it is open and enables you to control your door from anywhere, using the app. MyGarage also integrates with your smart devices.

Your new home will have 6 on/off channels connected to your Garage Door, Porch Light, Entry Light, Kitchen Lights, Dining Lights and Living Lights – MyPlace comes in modular form allowing you to add more modules now, or in the future to create the smart home you want!


At OJ Pippin Homes this incredible feature is included in your build at no extra cost.  MyPlace makes smart home technology simple. A reliable, easy-to-use integrated system which gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home and comfort while you’re at home.


Advantage Air is proudly Australian, designing and manufacturing smart electronic control systems direct from their Canning Vale, WA centre. They embrace technology and are committed to producing quality products with a local consumer support centre, you will always receive friendly, helpful information and support.


MyPlace uses technology to make home even sweeter, it is laughably simple to use. Open, close. On, off. Up, down. It’s engineered to deliver real functionality that makes everyday life easier. There are many useful ways it can make you more comfortable, safe and more secure.

We are working with the team at Advantage Air to bring you the best Australian Owned & Operated Home Automation experience.

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