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People are definitely tired of being inside after a long hiatus due to the covid-19. They are more certain than ever before about what they want in their new home. From 2020 onwards, families were seen adapting to home-schooling while also working from home. This naturally meant that they would require additional space and some separate areas to assist them in achieving this type of lifestyle.

The following are some of the ways that the pandemic has impacted home Trends for 2022. There will be some major structural and design changes, and the following are some of the things that Australia’s leading architects and designers have to say about it. If you’re unsure and need help on designing your new home, check out our tips on choosing a home design.


The emphasis is now on establishing new zones within the home, such as a work-from-home office or a makeshift classroom. There has been an increase in demand for homes with non-permanent walls or solid doors that can be used as a room divider – think barn doors or stackable sliders!

Although open-plan living is still popular, there may be some changes to the interior layout of the home. If you want to design your own home, look for a builder who will work with you to create something unique. Whether you want to turn a bedroom into a study or create a playroom in the back of your house, your builder should be happy to meet your needs.


Australia is endowed with some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. People who live in scenic areas would undoubtedly want to bring some of nature into their homes as well. Most people who have been subjected to lockdown have expressed a desire to be outside, and architects and builders have taken this into consideration.

Today’s homeowners are looking for designs that combine indoor and outdoor living spaces. The weather in Australia is also ideal for this type of lifestyle, which is inspiring builders to make sure to include large alfresco areas as well as folding or sliding doors.

The tones in a variety of textures throughout the home are in high demand. The emphasis will be on natural textures such as wood and stone, as well as striking a balance between what is modern and what is contemporary.


If you like spending time at home, you also want to be in a room which makes you happy. A lot of homeowners like the sleek and modern look for grey and white, or you might choose to go for colours which are bolder and brighter!

Yellow and mustard, as well as beige and off white, are popular colours. Also, if you want to bring the great outdoors into your home, you might prefer natural colours like leafy greens and rich browns. Although the bright colours may appear to be overpowering, it can be easily balanced by finding interior pieces that neutralise the brightness.

Make sure you have a detailed conversation with your designer to get an idea of what you think would be best for your home. Another way to light up your home is to use natural light. Your builder will ensure that natural sunlight is captured and used to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


Essentially, the key is to get rid of all the clutter and only keep what is necessary. A common trend reported by designers is that more and more homeowners are choosing a minimalist aesthetic in their home designs. It implies that they should make proper use of the available space. It is a good idea to convert unused areas into storage space.

You would be able to cook without difficulty if you included butler’s pantry. It can be a refreshing change to use the latest appliances without having everything crammed into a single area. Make sure you talk to your building company’s team to get an idea of a wide range of designs that could incorporate all these latest trends in your home. At OJ Pippin, we design all homes to reach QLD’s standard energy efficient. For a full list of our home designs, click here!

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