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Nowadays, it’s all about living in the moment. People are more aware than ever before of the decisions they must make and how those decisions will affect their future. Our home designs are built to have a low carbon footprint and to help preserve our natural resources. Home builders are experimenting with new ideas and methods for designing energy-efficient homes.

When it comes to designing homes, Australian builders appear to place a premium on flexibility. As a result, you should always look for a home builder who is willing to customise their home design to meet your needs.

If you are buying a home for the first time or simply looking for ways to upgrade your current home, the following are some things to keep in mind when it comes to future home designs.


There have been numerous changes in the home designs that have dominated the Australian building era. As the 1980s approached, homes grew larger and better, and they were extended to accommodate extended families. These homes, however, included separate living areas for parents and children. Then came the era of open plan living, which can still be found in the majority of Australian homes today.

Modern home builders, on the other hand, are focused on developing homes that are well-designed and more energy efficient in order to provide homeowners with long-term savings. Homes are being outfitted with new technology to make life easier and more energy efficient. Despite the fact that style is an important consideration in the home-building process, the minimalist look is now more popular than ever.


The concept is to not only design environmentally friendly homes, but also to listen to the needs and desires of the customers. When it comes to designing a home’s floor plan, it takes a long time. In addition, some homeowners would prefer that the design be tailored to their specific needs. If you want to make a room larger or move the bedroom from the front to the back of the house, you should talk to your builder about it. At OJ Pippin, we will work with you to bring your creative design dreams to life. The first step starts with a meeting about your current floor plan so the OJ Pippin team can start sketching out a plan to bring your ideas to life.


Because new technological innovations occur on a daily basis, homes must be adaptable. In fact, any technological advancement implies that the home should have all of the latest gadgets to ensure that it is more energy efficient. There is a sizable market for automation and smart living, which appears to be expanding in the coming years. It is a wise decision for a homeowner to embrace technology and closely monitor expenses. It would not only help to reduce your utility bills, but it would also help to reduce your energy consumption, thereby lowering your carbon footprint. For our client’s peace of mind, OJ Pippin offers MyPlace Automation on all our homes.


Make sure to discuss energy-efficient home design with your home builder. This means that the house should be built in such a way that natural light can enter. Your builder may also want to inspect the ventilation and allow for natural heating or cooling in your home when necessary. It is critical that your builder allows you to customise your home and that they include energy-efficient features such as double-glazed windows to help you save money on utility bills.


During the home-building process, your builder will also discuss how your home will connect to your outdoor space. On a warm summer night, everyone prefers to spend time outside rather than running the air conditioner and increasing the electricity bill. Talk to your builder about incorporating outdoor living into your home.


Although it is difficult to predict which home design trends in 2022 will last through the decades, the eras of the 1970s and 1980s are unlikely to return anytime soon. Because most people prefer to live in comfortable and modern homes, home builders should focus on developing energy-efficient homes that combine innovative living with sustainability.

As the cost of living rises, the use of smart technology and energy efficiency will become increasingly important. If you want a builder who can customise your home to your specifications, make sure to speak with the team at OJ Pippin.

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